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Hi! Bill,

        Nice to meet you at this semester.

        My name is Chuan-Fang Lung.

        Usually people calls me “Sophia” or “Sophie”, this name is from Bible that means “a wisdom and kind woman.” I hope I am!!

        I came from Taipei, Taiwan. I came here 4.5 years ago.

        1985/02/25 that my birth, I’m 33 years old.

        In Taiwan, I was a Artist Agent, Project Planner. I worked at Marketing Created and Promotion Department in my company. I worked in entertainment over 11 years.

        I studied Guidance and Counseling Psychology in University. I came here for my father, he hope me can change another totally different environment and lifestyle. That’s why I came here.

        I like to helping people so in the same time I’m studying nursing program, I wish I can be a nurse in the future.

        Right now, I still work for my company, I’m a overseas market manager. And I’m a full time student too, I’m interesting in learning and study. To me, it is not that easy to come back to study when you works over 10 years, so I’m glad  I have a chance to be a student again!!

        Thank you for you patient….