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  • Hi my name is kwangmin kim. I’m from South Korea. I came to California to study. First, I was in San Diego and started high school there. Then I move to san jose to go to deanza college. However, it was difficult for me so I decided to move to oikos university while I started working at a korean restaurant in Santa Clara. My favorite food is Korean food and Japanese food. And I love to hang out with my girlfriend and traveling with her. We are planning to go to Korea this winter break. We are planning our trip together and we also planned to go to Japan. Right now, I live by myself in Santa Clara. I am very lazy and also very busy, so I never stay home that often. So my girlfriend come to my house and keeps the house very nice and clean. Later on, my girlfriend and I might move in together and start our future together. My dream is to live happily and start a family together. Now Even though I’m a cook at the korean restaurant now, i want to study if i have a chance. I used to play many sports in the past especially Judo and soccer. I was kind of complicated first day of this class because I’m not that good at internet such as summit my homework. I believe that i can learn how to summit my homework and it will be good experience to back to college.