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I’m Wooyoung Kang from Korea. I was born in a Buddhist family, but I could experience Christianity and Catholicism as well as Buddhism because my family did not force religion on me. In Korea, people usually go to a temple or church on weekends, but when I was young, I went to a temple and another day I went to a church.

I majored the mechanical engineering in Choongbuk university. I was good and liked math and science, but I was not interseted in language and humanities. Thus, I wanted and chose to be an engineer naturally. After I finished my military service for 2 years, I got an opportunity to come U.S. to study English and learn various perspectives. When I was in Korea, I just wanted to graduate my school and be a engineer. However, after I experienced many things such as cultures and races, my dream is a little bit changed. I still want to be an engineer, but aslo want to be a CEO of a company combining diverse cultures.
I’m living with my girl friend and a little dog, and we will get married pretty soon maybe on early next year! We love to play and eat outside. Actually we love to do everything together I guess. However, for a while, we ate too much and gained weight and are losing weight.