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Meaning of Word of God

Meaning of Word of God

Eng 101 Week 2 9/4

I’m so happy and here’s the reason why.

Jesus took my burdens all away.

Now I’m singing as the days go by.

Once my heart was heavy with a load of sin.

Jesus took the load and gave me wonderful peace within my heart …

So now I’m singing as the days go by ….


Lets Pray!

Thank you God for language. Thank you God for Words! Thank you God for your Word.

No words? We cannot communicate. But we can communicate. We can speak and write the same language.

Thank you God for communicating with us!

If you did not talk to us, we do not know what you think. Now we know.

May we LEARN to be pleasing to you!

In Jesus’ name.  AMEN!


I have a plan.

I can wait till everyone is listening.

We are going to learn to write.

The best way to learn to write is to write.

The more you write the better writer you become.

We will write a LOT.


Our textbook is the Gospel of Mark.


We can compare English and Thai or English and Korean …

Each week, I will send you questions about the Gospel of Mark. QnA

Choose 1 English translation


I use CSB





Any translation is good.

The meaning is ALWAYS the same.

The words are different.


Prepare answers to the QnA BEFORE you come.


I will send the QnA to you via Groups.google.com




I will email the QnA to you. FROM wcbelew@gmail.com


Check your email!


I will post the QnA at www.inboundchurch.org




No excuses! Prepare the answers to the questions BEFORE class.




During this course you will write 10 essays!


We have 14 weeks..


10 essays.


There are 10 basic types of essay that are widespread in the world of academic writing. They are:

  1. descriptive essay

  2. definition essay

  3. compare and contrast essay

  4. cause and effect essay

  5. narrative essay

  6. process essay

  7. argumentative essay

  8. critical essay

  9. expository essay

  10. persuasive essay

You may choose each week which type of essay you will use.


You can use each essay only 1 time.


You must write one of each kind of essay.


14 weeks – 10 essays. One of each.



(NOTE – These ESSAYS are NOT mine.)


You all are very easy!

Very smart?

No questions – no problems.


14 weeks – 10 essays.


Each week I will give you ideas!

I will give you topics to choose from …. All from the Gospel of Mark.

Each week I will go through the Gospel of Mark with you … one chapter at a time … one verse at a time.

We will have many ideas for topics.

14 weeks – 10 essays


IMPORTANT – each essay will have one main theme.

The style of writing will change.

The essay style will change.

The topic will change.

The theme will stay the same.

THEME – How to become more like Jesus.

Gospel of Mark – Jesus is the hero. We will become heroes, too.      Maybe.

One more step … then I will start talking …. Maybe.

IMPORTANT – Writing Process

Please pay careful attention.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to write one essay in one day.

Every essay will have 4 copies!!

Process is this —-

Step 1 – write a rough draft of your essay.

Don’t think too hard, just write.

Abt 400 words.

Now … wait one day – 24 hrs – do nothing. Just wait.

Step 2 – after 24 hours … write a second draft of the same essay. Rewrite. Same essay … 2nd try. Abt 350 words. Lose some words. It’s a good thing to use fewer words sometimes.

Now … wait one day. 24 hrs – do nothing.

Just wait.

It’s IMPOSSIBLE to do in one day. Do NOT try.

Step 3 – Give your 2nd draft to a friend. Each essay DIFFERENT friend.

If you have no friends … then I am sorry for you.

Show your draft to a friend and ask them to give you feedback.

This is good, this is bad. This is funny, this is stupid. Try harder …

Wait one day for your friend to give feedback.  24 hrs. Just wait. Or you can give feedback to your friend’s essay.

So far … 3, maybe 4 days.

Step 4 – Prepare a final essay.

This is the 3rd rewrite with feedback from your friend.

LAST STEP –  Post the essay at InboundChurch.org/oikosuniversity

No questions – no problems

14 weeks. 10 essays.

Fun! Right?

I am tired of writing. You are tired of reading.


Prepare answers to QnA.

Look at Gospel of Mark together.

Get ideas.

Choose essay style.

Start writing – finish writing.

Rinse and repeat.



Why Gospel of Mark?


Mark is a great writer

We can read in English and in your native language.

There are a LOT of ideas in Mark for how to become like Jesus.

Last chance – Questions?

14 weeks – 10 essays

No questions – no problems.

Please take out your QnA for Mark 1.