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Balancing My Christian Life

Oikos University HIS 101 Class Notes 9/4 – Professor Belew

West Civ 101 Week 2 9/4


I’m so happy and here’s the reason why.

Jesus took my burdens all away.

Now I’m singing as the days go by.

Once my heart was heavy with a load of sin.

Jesus took the load and gave me wonderful peace within my heart …

So now I’m singing as the days go by ….

I have a strategy.

This is Western Civilization Class … and we are going to learn the history that applies to Western Civilization.

I like to write.

I like when my students write, too.

That means … you are going to write … mostly. But not only.

History has a beginning and an end.


Or does it?

That is what we are going to try to figure out here in this class.


History has meaning … or does it? That is what we are going to try to find out here.


Do you like to read?


If not, you are likely to be miserable.


Wikipedia will be our source … to start … but not to end.


There is no textbook. Online will be our source … to start. But not to finish.


You will be sent on a mission.

I will send you on missions throughout history to find …. Heroes.


History is about people.


Interesting fact.


We know only abt 1/600,000 or LESS abt what really happened in history.


What does that mean?


Suppose you had an image that was 1000 pixels by 600 pixels.

And I removed ALL the pixels but 1. Then you had to decide what the image was … with just 1 pixel out of 600,000.




Just 1 pixel out of 1000 x 600 pixels. Can we guess what the image really is?


What do you think?

Only Pardol has an opinion?

Can you decide what a picture is with just 1 pixel? Not?


1 pixel out of 600,000.  No, it can’t be done.


Trying to know what happened in history is very much the same kind of problem.


We know so very little abt the past. But yet we try to decide that we know what happened … where, when, who, how … with just 1 pixel of information.


Incredible or foolish attempt?


The real question is HOW certain can we be about history? What can we learn? And what can we be sure of?


Lets have a prayer.


God – you are the creator of time. You are the beginning and the end. You know of everything in between. You are in control, or you are not. We, I trust that you are the God of time, too. You know everything … and yet you give us the ability to make decisions. How did you do that?

That’s okay … prayer is a conversation. I just wish God would talk back to me sometimes. Dear God … will you please talk back to us? Will you please tell us how we are to understand history? Will you please tell us how we fit into the time bubble that you created? We ask you for insight. Please show us the whole story … not just one pixel. Please.


In Jesus name!