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Hi my Name is Praewnapa. I’m a person who like to smile and like to keep positive vibes around.I like to drew, watch a movie, hangout with my friends, listen music, make crafts and decorate house when I have free.I’m from Thailand.I grow up with my mom, who is very positive and strong ,I have one sister and one brother. My home town is pretty small,quite and all around with nature.I graduated from Khonkean university with business Chinese major. After I graduated I decided to come here for improve my English , I wanted to try something new and learn a different culture. Now I leave here in Sanfrancisco about 3 years. I live in outer Richmond, which it cold and foggy at night and morning time but in the other hand outer Richmond is very nice neighborhood near by ocean beach, lands end and golden gate park

I believe that happiness is a choice so we can choose to be happy or sad it depends on ourself. In my point I think we are human and the things that humans always needs is love and happiness so we should begin by happy with ourselves first