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Arabic is a Semitic language. I heard that Arabic is used in the Quran and top 5 of the languages in the world after Indian language and English and It is one of the recognized languages in the United Nations. Especially after 9/11 happened the world has turned its attention to the Arab world social and cultural ideals of the Arab world properly. The influence of the media often disseminate negative images of these people.


The most talked about It has a close relationship with Hebrew and Aramaic. Developed from the same language as the original Semitic language. Modern Arabic is considered a large language. The accent is up to 27 accents Differences in language

Arabic alphabet is derived from the ancient Egyptian script. Arabic alphabet of Annaman people around 1850-1300BCE

this is what I also found out

1)Structure of Arabic alphabet

The highlight of this languages is the letter and style of writing from right to left!!

2) Arabic alphabet arrangement

2.1 originally is Anyadee

2.2  and now we us Hiyaei


“Arabic is the source of many borrowings in languages ​​used by Muslims and most languages ​​in Europe. Arabic is also borrowed from Persian and Sanskrit. During the Middle Ages Arabic is the main language in the cultural propulsion, especially in science, mathematics and philosophy, so many European languages ​​borrow words from Arabic. Especially Spanish and Portuguese. Because Arab civilization has spread to the Iberian Peninsula”

Arabs consider the Arabic language as a religious language as a standard language, and other forms are accented. Modern Arabic as well as languages ​​used in present-day media. Sometimes there is a difference enough to not understand each other. These accents do not have written language. Some use in informal media. Like drama or talk show Standard Arabic or Arabic is the official language of every Arab nation. It is the only form of teaching in the school. Arabic is an example of two types of languages, and is used in different social settings.