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Kwangmin kim

Every countries has its own beauty and value inside its culture. Some of the traditional
events and the cultures are still kept until now. However, some of them are not. Those traditional events are so special to one another wherever you go. Also depending on where you live, we all have different rules to respect and obey. In my country, Korea, there are three main aspects of Korean culture; respecting elders, hosting traditional weddings, and celebrating Korean New Year.
First, in Korea, there are traditional etiquettes that you have to show respect to elderly people. To show respect, we use “yo” at the end of the speaking. In my culture, Korea, we use “an nyeong ha sae yo” which means hello in Korean, to people we first met or to others who are older. Korea as a very strong norms everyone follows, and if you don’t, it is disrespectful in others point of view and they might see you as a rude person. For an example, When I went to Korea this summer vacation. My friends called me up to drink at a bar. My friend’s older brother came and everyone showed respect to him by pouring his drink while them standing up, and putting their hands on their heart. This is an example where every Koreans follow and has to respect. But there are some exceptions such as even a person is younger, but some older people just use formal speaking to show respect.

Moreover, there are different types of weddings people do in other countries depending on their culture. In Korean culture, we have the traditional Korean wedding that we do. When it’s the wedding day, the husband and wife wears “hanbok” which is korean traditional clothing that they are required to wear. The outfit is very colorful and light made with fabric. During the wedding, husband and wife goes into a room that has a big table with a lot of food on it. Each people walks inside the room and bow to the husband and wife. At the end the husband’s mother and father walk in hands them a long fabric to hold and catch while they throw “dae chu” which is a dried fruit to the married couple. Which means “have a lot of kids in the future.” Before my grandparents generation, everyone went through all this marriage. However, nowadays, people can choose to have the traditional wedding or the normal americanized wedding.
Lastly, in other countries, New Year is know as January 1st. However, in Korea we celebrate our New year on January 28th. For our New Year we all wear our traditional outfit which is Han bok. During this time, all our families gather and cook. We normally have the food prepared before the new years because it takes a lot of time to cook for all families. Korean New Year is also considered as family reunion. While the new year party goes on, the younger people have time to bow to the elders which they receive money and future advices after they bow. Then all the families gather up and serve themselves with delicious korean food such as rice, seafood-pancake, fish and etc. After they all eat, they tend to play korean traditional games and one of the most popular one is called “yut no ri”. Where families gather up and throws four sticks that has labels on them. They all have a good time from morning to night celebrating the new year. It is also the longest holiday in Korea that most of the people don’t go to their work and rest with their family.

In my country, these three cultural characteristics are very important to our Korean society. We all have to honor older people, follow our marriage customs and celebrate Korean New Year. We have many other countries that celebrate different holidays and have different rules to respect and follow. It is very special to have those country’s traditional event. These cultural events are so beautiful and very important for our future.