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My name is Pardol Sawatdee.

Everyone calls me Golf. I’m from Thailand.

Before I was in the United States I used to work for service transport provider where was located in Bangkok while I was living in Thailand. I’m now working at ABS
Seafood Inc., in sales position. The company is located in San Francisco. I’m a professional in sales and marketing.

I really wish I would not work, I would be traveling and spend my life around the world.

The reason I came to Oikos University is to learn new things.

After I finish studying at Oikos I want to start peruse my dream. I will start doing my own business.

The best way to remember me is to talk to me instead of keep writing. It’s better to keep communicate both way to understand each other. And avoid misunderstanding might be occurred.

I’ve been living in San Francisco for ten years. I got Master in International Business from Lincoln University in 2013. My favorite class was project management, communication skill, and leadership.

Last but not least, I’m really into golfing recently. I go golfing two to three times a week. If you like golfing. May be we can go golfing together sometime.