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Kwangmin kim

There are many things that i can do or i can’t. For this Paragraph, i want to talk about that i can do especially the swimming. When i was in elementary school, i used to have a swimming club to be a good swimming player. At that time, i always go to the practice every morning and i have finished a lot of tournament that really important. I usually got first place and i really want to be a swimming player. I want to be a member of the nationality for South Korea but there were too many player who is very good at swimming. Even though i got a lot of first place for big tournament, there were too many player when i go another country which were Japan and United stated. I really didn’t want to give up what i were doing but, i gave up because my ankle was broken when i hiding on the mountain so that i gave up. For now, it was very good experience and i could say that i did my best and if i had more chance i want to try again. Now what i supposed to do is study. I’m in United state and i got another goal that transfer to the UC and i want to get in the good company. I really want to be a good swimming player but there was not good situation for me to be a good swimming player. However, i have another goal for now and i will never give up and i always try to do my best.