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Hi, My name is Janista Metthanapapha.
You can call me Jan that easy right?
I’m from Ayutthaya Thailand.

Before I came to United States, I worked in Japanese Company  for 12 years.
My job like a secretary. I did many things in company in administration department.
My old company produced about electronics. My HQ.company in Kyoto, Japan.

My home town in Ayutthaya Province that an old capital of Thailand. Very popular and famous for tourists from around the world. I will show you a little signature of my hometown, there are a LOT of an elephants over there and many ruined temples.
You can ride an elephant for sign seeing around the city and also enjoy a lot of local food all day.

My hobby is traveling. So… I love travel a lot, I used to visited 9 countries in Asia and Europe.My favorite place was Switzerland. I really love that place, it was amazing. I would love to go back again 😘

My favorite food is Japanese food such as sushi and sashimi. Sometimes I cooked thai food at home when I have a free time. Even though a LOT of thai restaurants in San Francisco but the taste not same traditional Thai that while I like to cook by myself.

I have been living in San Francisco for 3 years. I live in San Francisco close to Ocean beach. It’s so cold in the morning and night almost every day. San Francisco is the one of my bucket list that I choose to live for study.