They led Jesus to a cliff

Books for Christian Men

Reading books is one of the most rewarding disciplines for a Christian. The choice is endless and this inexhaustible list continues to grow every year. Often, the hard choice is picking books that speak to your current season and encourage your growth as a believer. To make your work simpler,

A defining characteristic of Boomer Men, or men born between the years 1946-1964 is their penchant to explore religious values to define themselves. Despite the diversity, baby boomers generally:

  • value practical experience over dogma
  • seek personal fulfillment
  • have a healthy distrust in institutions.

Their autodidactic nature leads this

There’s a Chinese proverb that says “A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.” And every Christian should sing (whether we’re good at it or not) because we—of all people—have a song.

Back in the 1800’s the Disciples of Christ (which was what our brotherhood was known as back then) was the fastest growing and most vibrant religious group in the United States. Why? Because it had two things going for it. First it

Write your vision. Make it plain.

At the last congregation I served, I inherited a problem. The church planned to build a new foyer and sanctuary, but a third of the congregation had been persuaded to oppose this building project by a couple trouble-makers who spread false rumors about the high rates of insurance they’d

15 Indications of Jesus' Intelligence

I am funny this way I suppose. Perhaps nobody else has asked the question of how smart Jesus was. It’ll be tough if not impossible for me to give an unbiased answer. After all I am a fan. Still I came up with a list of 15 indicators of Jesus’

I recently had a conversation with a man named John who’d been attending our congregation for a few weeks. He was puzzled by the fact that I didn’t go by the term “Pastor” and he was trying to ask probing questions that would help him understand how things worked

It’s really hard to juggle our Christian lives as well as focusing on our academics, professions, housework, and many more. And at times or another, we’ve all tried to keep our balance while walking on a fence. Sometimes, we’d make it

Books for Christian Men

It’s really hard to juggle our Christian life as well as focusing on our academics, professions, housework, and many more. I know, getting up early in morning to do our Q.T.s while battling to stay on top of things can be a humiliating defeat.

How or where does a local church start when she decides to create and implement a social media strategy? It is not my intention with this and subsequent transparency reports to argue for or against the necessity of even having a social network strategy. I will not ask in this

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