They led Jesus to a cliff

Vitruvian Man
People create all kinds of organizations: religious, philanthropic, manufacturing, and even occult or subversive organizations. They all have one thing in common, they reflect the view that their founders had of the human race. It doesn’t matter whether the organization is profit-seeking or non-profit, what matters is how we view the nature of people as this will determine the degree to which we build into the organization systems of autonomy or systems of control. I
There is a lot of hype in the leadership literature about planning for the future. I say hype because it’s an exaggerated enthusiasm about anything future… as though by merely talking about the future and pushing others toward the future we are doing something inherently good and noble. Personally, I think the future is overrated… It’s no more important than the past or the present. The future evangelists love to run roughshod over the stupid
So you want to be a leader or at least to improve your leadership skills. Well, first off, let me congratulate you because that is one of the greatest goals a human being can have. To improve your leadership capability is to improve yourself and to expand your ability to influence your organization in a positive way. But, hold on, what are we really talking about? Which leadership model is driving your aspirations? What often
September 24, 2002 Religion and spirituality are shaping and influencing our young people. Christian Smith, PhD, professor of sociology at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill says, most people are not surprised to hear than religious teenagers get into less trouble than their nonreligious peers, “but religion as a factor in adolescents’ lives hasn’t been studied much before.” Smith’s study, a part of the four-year national Study of Youth and Religion, analyzed data from
  • Matthew 24:35 July 6, 2020
    “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.”
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