Church SWOT Analysis

What Is the Restoration Movement’s Greatest Weakness and Strength?

Focusing on doing things the way they did in the 1st Century church is at the heart of the Restoration Movement Churches. Greatest Strength in Restoration Movement Churches One of the greatest strengths of the independent Christian church brotherhood is that we have no central organization. There’s no central headquarters that needs to be supported by a head-tax (the commitment of a percentage of the local offering based upon membership) which leads, in turn, to…

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An online strategy grows the church

How To Write More Effectively On Your Church Blog – Part II

Writing content regularly on your church blog that people will read (and share) is hard work. Your best work might sometimes get a trickle of traffic, leaving you wondering if it is worth the effort. There is more to blogging than just finding the right topics for your church website. Here are 2 things that can increase the number of blog reads: Write Content That Speaks Directly To Your Audience If you are a ministry…

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Apostate Church Judgement

How Do We Characterize Apostasy in Independent Christian Churches?

The topic of apostasy has come up — and there is nothing wrong with discussing this because, as Jesus warned, apostasy is always a real threat to the church. Apostasy is a legitimate discussion to have. The topic came up in my research in preparation for a course in Eschatology. Bible Passages Dealing with Apostasy I was looking particularly at four passages: Matt 24:10-12 1 Timothy 4:1-2 2 Timothy 3:1-9 Acts 20:29-30. Characteristics of Apostasy…

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The world at your fingertips

Technology and Millennials, the Importance of Social Media in Churches

On the topic of Millennials again, a big factor to the millennial generation is technology. Millennials weren’t the first generation to have technological advances, but it would be safe to say they are the first generation to be dictated by technology. Social Media is Constantly Evolving For me, a 28-year-old Millennial, I remember the big things for me were computers, laptops, cell phones, email, instant messaging, internet, Myspace, iPods, Skype and Facebook. That list has…

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1st Century Church Restoration

What do we mean when we say we want to Restore the 1st Century Church

It’s not possible for Restoration Movement churches to go back to the 1st century. Bill Belew says he doesn’t even want to go back to the first century. There was no wi-fi then. 1st Century Church Restoration is NOT Biblical One of the problems is that “restoration” is not a term referring to anything biblical when used in this sense. But for many, it has become a hermeneutic for reading scripture, especially the book of…

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  • 2 Timothy 1:7 February 28, 2020
    “For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.”
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