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2 Simple Tips To Improve Your Church YouTube Channel Ranking

With over 3 billion searches a month, YouTube is technically the second largest search engine in the world. A church channel that shows up first on a search on this platform gets the most clicks. How do you rank higher in YouTube search results for your church channel? When it comes to channel ranking, consistency of posting, the most recent content, the total number of videos, number of views, subscribers, and watch time all play into…

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How To Make Sticky Online Content

5 Fundamental Tips To Make Your Church Video Content Super Sticky

Sticky is a good thing for online content. Sharing sticky videos will ensure that people remember your church. Why bother with videos? It is estimated that by the end of 2017, 79% of all Internet traffic will be projected via videos. Be among the pioneers (yes, it is still early days) of content-driven church videos. Here’s are 5 FOUNDATIONAL tips that will help with the marketability of your church videos: Sticky Church Videos Tip #1…

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Reach a larger audience with engaging videos

Three Simple Ways Churches Can Use Videos To Reach The World

In 2017, people all over the world watched over five billion YouTube videos.. Every DAY! Facebook hosted over 100 million hours of video footage daily. As a church leader, adding video to your outreach campaigns is a powerful and effective way to generate more attention. Video (just like your church website), needs to be engaging, unique to your values, and interesting to watch. Have A Clear Focus To Your Videos Having no clear focus to…

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Go out into all the world

Church Needs To Go Out Into The World, Not Bring The World Into Church

Jesus said, “Go out into all the world.” His instruction was not, “Bring all the world into the church.” Church leaders have placed too much importance on bringing people into churches and not enough on taking the church out into all the world. Church Leaders Need An Outward Focus That Is Not Inward-Building A lot of preachers today talk about being planted in God’s House and bringing the lost into the church. There are some…

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Share church experiences on Instagram

How To Share The Christmas Story On Social Media

Jesus told parables to capture the attention of His audience. Your job as a church leader is to tell stories to capture the attention of your audience. The modern Jesus would share stories on social media… People are watching movies everyday through Instagram stories and YouTube! You now have to tell a story in new and captivating ways – whether in 5 seconds or 2 minutes. How can you share a story that grabs the…

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  • Romans 14:8 August 15, 2022
    “If we live, we live for the Lord; and if we die, we die for the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord.”
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