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How To Take A Technology Sabbath

On the seventh day, God rested.  Taking a break from technology is sometimes necessary. As a church leader, your creative energy is at risk without scheduled breaks. In our age of hyper-connectivity, how do you unplug from all the expectations on your social media platforms and simply… take a break?…

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2 Main Tips for Developing Skills to Be An Authentic Leader

In my leadership class this semester,  my professor, Dr. Steve Caravajal, senior principal architect at Microsoft, discussed authentic leadership.  Authentic leadership is a very rare quality in today’s business world.  It builds its foundations on honest relationships with followers through an ethical foundation.  Nevertheless, it was something Jesus exhibited during his…

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Church Hype: The Pros and Cons of the Daniel Diet

Last  year, my Bible study leader tried the Daniel Diet, which emphasizes eating raw vegetables and fruits.  This diet lifestyle was promoted by Pastor Rick Warren from Saddleback Church, Daniel Amen, and Mark Hyman.  The Daniel Diet books also focus on emotional and spiritual components as well that affect our eating and is…

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  • Philippians 1:21 August 18, 2019
    “For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.”
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