Oikos University Student of Composition 101 – Wararad Luengthong


My name is Wararad Luengthong.
My nickname is May.
I have been from Thailand.
I was born, growing up,study and finished my Bachelor degree in Thailand.and also I was working in Thailand 5 years before I came here.I always lived with my family 26 years.Since 2011 I was living far away from them.😭

Current life

Now I was studying in Okios University.
I hear about Okios University from my friends and the program look interesting then I was applying to study in Okios University.
I was live in San Francisco already 7 years.The first time when I came in San Francisco on that time is summer season.I feel very cold.I told my self ohh.. I could not stay here at all. It’s to cold. So now I love the weather in San Francisco a lot.

My interests

I love Thai food the best of my choices.The second choices I prefer Japanese food.also I like Italian food and Korean food.
I like to go on vacation a lot when I have time.
The favorite place that I like to come often is Hawaii🌺. I like the sun, beaches and fresh air🌈.

  • Psalm 149:4 August 8, 2022
    “For the LORD takes delight in his people; he crowns the humble with victory.”
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