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Career Development Systems

One way to lead change is to set up a Career Development System. Such a system could enable your organization to prepare needed skills and capabilities for its desired state and could, at the same time, enable employees to grow into their life purpose. How can an organization accomplish this? Step One: Define the purpose of your organization. Once you have identified your purpose, communicate it to the whole organization. Let everyone know, both individually and…

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Should I Leave? (Part III)

What should you do? You decide you have done all the things suggested in my previous two posts and are still convinced that the problem runs deeper than self-knowledge, interpersonal knowledge, or organizational knowledge.* Clearly, the time to move on may have arrived. One question remains: “Will staying with this organization require you to violate your own core values?” If the answer is “yes,” you should move on as soon as is ethically and practically…

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  • Proverbs 14:34 July 3, 2020
    “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin condemns any people.”
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