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The Main Job of the Leader

Leaders are always agents of change, individuals whose role it is to guide an organization, or a particular subgroup within that organization, through the process of change. Leaders must prepare both themselves and others for inevitable changes the organization will face. Change is a given. We cannot avoid it nor should we want to. But change can be less painful and channeled toward more positive outcomes by developing change management skills. There are two basic…

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Leading Change: Phase 3

OK, your organization – or should I say, the key players within your organization – are now ready and willing for the change. They understand the change and they buy into the change. Now what? The third stage in implementing organizational change is to formalize the change. For the change to last for the long haul – it has to be embedded into every dimension of the organization. Otherwise, like a living organism sometimes does,…

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A Path to Organizational Change

Some people cringe when they hear the word “change.”  I know because I run into that reaction upon occasion. Perhaps they have been burnt by leaders who promise change but don’t deliver. Whatever the reason, to survive, organizations must change. Change is life and life is change. Living things change. In fact, if you’re really enamored with stability, the best place to find it is at the cemetery. Most leaders, however, realize change is necessary and…

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