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The Transforming Power of Relationships

In the literature on newcomer assimilation, experts and academics talk about the importance of relationships. Human learning occurs in community. Ok, enough with the academic jargon. What does this mean? How does it work? Let’s assume that your organization has a well-defined set of values and, unlike some organizations, takes them seriously. You want your newcomers to adopt these values—or at least, if they find out they are incompatible with them, to know this upfront.…

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Layers of Culture

I was working on a section of a course I am preparing for Mid-Atlantic Christian University to be taught this fall — you can find more information at — This was the first time I have added a voice-over sound file to a presentation that I uploaded to So, I thought I’d share it with you as this week’s post.   Transcript Like an iceberg, you cannot fully understand an organization’s culture unless…

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From Ideal to Real: How to Close the Values Gap

Values are deeply held beliefs about ultimate desired outcomes and how to achieve them. We all have them; unfortunately, what we say we value often does not match what our behavior says we value. This is the difference between ideal values and real values. The one we use to justify and explain our behavior; the other actually drives our behavior. Not only individuals, but also organizations often proclaim one set of values while their behavior…

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New Words, New Culture

“Say what?” That’s the expression we use when we don’t understand something someone has said and we suspect that, if we did understand it, we wouldn’t like it. Language is essential to organizational culture. Fortunately, words provide us with some handles we can use to influence an organization’s culture. Leadership is all about culture development and transformation. In his excellent book, Organizational Culture and Leadership, Edgar Schein says that the processes of culture creation and…

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The Color of Organizational Culture

One way to describe organizations is to refer to their culture. Organizational culture is a set of behaviors and beliefs members of an organization share as a result of having worked together over a period of years. Being able to see patterns of organizational culture is a core competency for leadership. How are your skills at identifying corporate culture? Are you able to spot the signs of culture that give clues about the beliefs driving…

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  • Psalm 149:4 August 8, 2022
    “For the LORD takes delight in his people; he crowns the humble with victory.”
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