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Jesus as Global Leader (Part II) – Servant Leadership

In his classic book, Servant Leadership, Robert Greenleaf stated that servant leadership “begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve, to serve first. Then conscious choice brings one to aspire to lead” (p. 434). Greenleaf was writing to the organizational world of late twentieth century. In his view of things, the time was rapidly coming when people would no longer tolerate the command-and-control leadership behavior of the past. He launched the “servant leader”…

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Greenleaf’s Legacy

With his essay, “Essentials of Servant Leadership,” written in 1958, Robert K. Greenleaf launched what was to become one of the most important leadership models of the 20th century. Prior to this time — and sadly too often even today — leadership was seen strictly as a power over people, to dominate and coerce into submission to the leader’s goals. His call for change, was not based on any sense of the superior ethics of…

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The Bible on Leadership?

My good buddy Scott Yorkovich said something to me a week or two ago that turned a switch in my thinking (funny how that happens). He said he was realizing that most of today’s “leadership” theories and literature are contrary to a biblical understanding of leadership (Scott, I hope I’m accurately reflecting what you said). He didn’t give me any details about what he meant (but did promise me we would talk about it soon),…

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The Ancient Art of Servant Leadership

In the previous post, I asked the question whether Jesus Christ could be considered a great leader using some of the criteria for leadership that has been identified in the leadership literature and research. I came to the conclusion that, with regard to the vision thing, Jesus was a truly remarkable leader. Robert Greenleaf popularized the idea — well, he actually started a whole leadership school of thought — of servanthood as a necessary and…

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My Favorite Greenleaf Quotes

I first ran into Robert Greenleaf’s writings in the 90s. I knew there was something truly insightful in his approach to leadership. In fact, he started a whole leadership model that continues to have ardent adherents today. I would like to take this opportunity to list four of my favorite Greenleaf quotes. I hope you can add some more to this list in the comments sections below. Foresight is the ‘lead’ in leadership. Once leaders…

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