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Jesus as Global Leader (Part VI)—Systems Thinker

“Systems Thinking” is Marquardt and Berger’s sixth essential competency for global leadership. Before we can assess Jesus on this criterion, we should define what we mean by “systems thinking” and being a “systems” thinker. Organizations, communities, nations, and the physical universe itself contain many elements that interact with one another to produce an overall effect. How well these various elements align themselves with one another influences the effectiveness of the system. When systems become out…

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Spider-Web Problem-Solving

To benefit from the power of indirect influence, we must think systemically. The alternative is to assume a straight line between cause and effect. Doing A, B, and C leads to X, Y, and Z. This view sees life as a machine; press the right buttons and you get the outcome you want. This mechanistic attitude presents itself in churches when Christians offer spiritual solutions for all problems. It’s the same category of mistake the…

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Roots of Indirect Leadership

Did this ever happen to you? You see a problem that needs fixing, so you attack the issue head-on, thinking you will solve it quickly but the problem only gets worse. You try harder but, instead of making progress, those who are against the idea increase in number, feelings become tense, and the change more distant. So you give the problem everything you’ve got by confronting the instigators of resistance and making sweeping policy changes.…

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Systems Thinking and Wicked Problems

The term “systemic thinking” is a fancy way to say that all of life’s things—both visible and invisible—constantly bump into one another causing reverberations that expand out and affect every other thing. Take, for instance, the iPhone—an intelligent phone—a simple idea that had a revolutionary impact on many levels. This one thing has increased the production and sharing of information to a place where more information is produced in one day than was produced in…

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  • Galatians 5:16 January 16, 2022
    “So I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh.”
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