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Inbound Church Servant Leaders

Tom Thatcher

Tom Thatcher

For the past two decades, Tom has focused on creating and delivering transformational educational experiences in a variety of venues and modalities.

My approaches:

  • for-credit graduate or college courses
  • public presentations for churches and other organizations
  • online environments
  • books
  • other published materials
  • group consulting
  • one on one coaching

Tom seeks to learn stories, create dialogue, enhance understanding, and develop workable plans that point to new horizons.

Tom brings this same perspective to his work as an editor, with a view to helping colleagues communicate creatively and effectively, in ways relevant to the interests and needs of their audiences. He thrives on dialogue that envisions new possibilities and produces strategies to realize them.

Bill Belew

Bill Belew

Social Media and Content Marketer in 3 Languages and Cultures

Bill Belew, PhD is professor of Social Media Marketing in Silicon Valley, CA. His sites have garnered more than 90,000,000 unique visitors total in many niches. Bill regularly teaches churches, missionaries, international audiences and his local network of 37,000 members how to get more legitimate visitors and sales for their products.

毕维廉博士是内容营销、网络营销和社交媒体营销专家,他活跃在世界各地, 致力于各类培训和演讲,以顾问身份帮助公司企业建立营销团队、达致可量化的巿场推广效果。

毕博士在社交媒体业界积累了十多年的工作与培训经验,他的网站拥有超过37,000名会员, 在各个领域已累计了来自各种搜索引擎的超过9,000万(90,000,000)人次的访问量。

毕博士并在美国硅谷一家研究院的MBA专业教授「社交媒体广告营销」课程,授课内容包括如何通过提升客户的网站客流量达到销售产品的目的,辅以大量的新鲜而实际有效的案例学习, 他的学员来自全球各地。



+ The Down and Dirty +

Content /Marketing Trainer * Social Media Expert * Paid Professional Speaker and Storyteller * Talks at Google * 日本語でも良い

Trainer = Help your church set up an in-house team to get measurable marketing results, increase your social media presence, use bloggers to conduct successful social media campaigns.

Business Brand Storyteller, Expert in Content Development and guru on how to use social media platforms with high quality social media content that brings people in the door.

Social Media Marketing Professor in Silicon Valley, CA. Mastering social media channels and marketing strategies. Thought leading social media strategist.

Professional Speaker – Bay Area – NYC, Miami – San Diego, Cruise Ship Lecturer, Singapore, Thailand, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai

Specialties: So many people have come to any one of the sites in my network that I now get asked a lot, “Bill, how do you that?” I know how.

Everybody, has a web site, they all want more real and relevant readers that convert. I know how to do that, legitimately, through hard work that will last a long time.

Meet the Inbound Church writer team

We are committed to lifting up the church so more people can find Jesus.

We are happy to have our faces here.

Claire Felten

Claire Felten

I am a senior at Cincinnati Christian University and will be graduating a year early, in the spring of 2015. I received an athletic scholarship and finished out my last season as a collegiate soccer player this fall.

In May, I will earn my Bachelor’s of Science degree in both Business Management and Biblical Studies and am on track to graduate Cum Laude. Upon graduation I hope to acquire a job in nonprofit or human resources.

My passion is for helping women in need and one day I aspire to open a shelter for homeless or battered women.

D. Zhang

D. Zhang

D. Zhang is an aspiring pianist and business consultant who became a Christian in college. She loves multicultural settings and attends a multicultural church.

Her hobbies include playing in worship bands that infuse traditional hymns with new styles, mentoring youth, teaching piano, and reading books/articles on personal wellness.


Alyssa Young

Alyssa Young

My name is Alyssa Young and I am a fourth-year student at Cincinnati Christian University. I enjoy investing varied amounts of time in different creative outlets including writing, playing music, and doodling during class.

Recreationally, I enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities like hiking and camping. I spent the first half of my life in Massachusetts and then moved to Ohio where I am surrounded by immediate and extended family members.

Currently, I live in Price Hill with my husband just five minutes down the road from school. The two of us wish to proclaim Jesus’ name always and seek him in the small things that make up each day.


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